Why do books make great gifts?

Is there such a thing as too many books?

Books make excellent presents - not just for Christmas, but for any time too. True book lovers don't believe there is such a thing as too many books. So they really do make the perfect gift. I will run through a few points here:

  1. Books never come in the wrong size or colour - there is no worrying about whether you have picked something that will fit, as there is with clothes. You know that your present isn't going to be one of those 'ok, I will wear it once when they are around and then it will sit in the back of my wardrobe/drawer to never see the light of day again'. Things like clothing, even house furnishings and prints, go in and out of style (although I am one of those people who don't really listen to 'fashions'). Simply put - books are timeless. There is a book for everyone out there,

  2. Books are easier to wrap than a football - or a bike, or a puppy, or a teddy bear, or a potted plant. It is a simple rectangle (or square) shape; no messing about, no faffing. And who doesn't love easy to wrap presents?!

  3. Books don't need batteries, or accessories, or DLC. They are a nice, quiet present. They don't involve a screen, unless you get an eBook. There is no worry of 'oh crud, we forgot batteries' on Christmas morning (who else has been there?!)

  4. Books are such a personal present - this one is one of my favourites. There is a book out there for everyone, and giving someone a book a a present can also allow you to share your own favourite titles and authors with other people, and to help spread the love. Now, you probably aren't going to give someone who isn't a reader a bookish present, just because YOU like it, because that is slightly bad gift giving, really, unless they had specifically asked for something like that. But if you know someone who likes books and reading, chances are, you can get them a brilliantly thoughtful and personal gift by giving them a book. Or book tokens, if you REALLY are unsure. And chances are, even if they didn't really enjoy the book, they would enjoy the fact that you had put thought into it. You can take this further with inscriptions in the book. Some may be aghast at the idea, and to some extent, this can potentially affect passing the book on at the end of its life, but it can also be a way or preserving that moment in time.

  5. Books are often quite cheap to buy. Obviously, if you are getting someone a first edition copy of the Wizard of Oz or something, it IS going to be expensive. Rare and collectible books are another matter entirely. But again, the cost can often justify the means. The surprise, the joy, the happiness (because one would assume that if you are forking out on an old copy of a book for someone, it is because they would love it...)

  6. Books can be reread countless times. I love the quote 'A book is a gift you can open again and again', because it is so true. Its the gift that keeps on giving! The right book will be loved and possibly read over and over. And when you are done, you can pass it on!

  7. Books can be regifted. If you so chose to, of course.

  8. Books last forever. They can be cherished by the recipient, they can be kept as keepsakes, they can be passed down generations. Children's books especially, can hold so much magic as a present. Special editions, signed editions. We have a magnificent pop up copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which was bought for our own Alice when she was a baby. It was kept safe and sound on a high shelf for many years, because it is fragile and beautiful and full of flaps and bits that a toddler would love to get their hands on (but ultimately may wreck!) But that is now something special. It is a momento, a memory of the relative who bought it for her. The sort of thing we can keep. I still have a set of Peter Rabbit books from when I was small. Even your average paperback or hardback can be passed on to someone else as a gift, or as a donation to a charity or second hand shop. Books are an endless joy.

Even if you are not sure what sort of literature a person is into, getting them a book can open up a whole new world of possibilities for them; they can discover new authors, new themes and genres, that they may not have read before. And if you do know what they want, then fantastic! There is no excuse!

It can show a person that you are thinking of them, that you are interested in them.

(I popped a slightly less rambly version on the ol' social media, so if you have seen that, this is a slight repeat!)

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