“The only thing standing between you and your goal is...

...the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”

That nugget of wisdom comes courtesy of Jordan Belfort. I feel like it is someone apt though, as I have come up with SO MANY EXCUSES over the years as to why I have never truly pursued my dream.

Little Bird Library started with a dream. A long-standing dream, formed when I was in my late teens, and then shelved, as dreams too often are. Life gets in the way, time passes, and dreams are pushed aside and labelled as 'pipe dreams'. (Apologies for how many times I said 'dreams' then...)

Occasionally it would pop back up, but a severe lack of confidence (as well as lack of money, resources, time, lots of things) caused me to keep pushing it back down and saying 'forget about it'.

Until recently, when the dream started to potentially become a reality. Ok, so, lack of money, resources, time, and especially confidence, are still something we need to contend with. But we are on the way to finally making the dream a reality. I am 35 years old, and starting to become increasingly unsatisfied with my life (with the exception of my four children and my husband).

A dream to open a cute, quirky, yet still quite quaint book shop. with an integrated coffee shop. A dream to share a love of books with others.

Now, it started before the times when they started to become common (I remember the first time I found a Costa inside a Waterstones - it was like Christmas!)...evidently I was forward thinking. Now, they are everywhere, so the idea had to evolve slightly. I still wanted that element of a coffee shop, because I LOVE the idea of a quaint little shop where you could sit with a book and a drink. Someone suggested making it a bit like a library. And so, new seeds were planted within the existing dream, to try to make it somewhere that incorporates all of these elements.

We aim to focus largely on preloved, second hand books, while also keeping up with new releases, allowing the customer to have the choice.

One of our major aims is for Little Bird Library to have a real community feel, and not just be 'a bookshop'. It is to be a place of solitude and community, somewhere where you can both relax and be surrounded by likeminded individuals.

We are still in the planning stages, so bear with us and come follow us on this exciting journey. Our team currently consists of me (Helen), and the husband (Simon), as well as our four Littlest Birds, the children. He has the management skills, while I am the creative mastermind, the dreamer. At the moment, we have some restrictions to work with due to COVID, which has put a major dent in our entire business model, but we are planning, working hard behind the scenes. Until we can physically open a shop, we will be operating online, selling bookish goodies online and hopefully setting up online communities for book swaps and book clubs so watch this space...

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