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Today (Monday 23rd November 2020) marks the beginning of Just a Card's Indie Week. Just a Card are a grassroots campaign, championing small businesses, independent shops, makers, artists, creatives and their value. Every time you buy from a small business, every time you choose them over their large corporate counterparts, you are helping make a real difference to their lives. Every purchase help their survival and prosperity. They devised Indie Week as a sort of antidote to Black Friday - giving these small retailers and creators to shout from the rooftops about themselves, and generally celebrate them, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

As a very small (I think we are technically classed as a 'micro' business, which I think actually sounds cute!) business, this campaign really speaks to us. We aren't in the 'maker/creating/artist' category that I feel this really champions, but we are fledgling indie business trying to navigate our way through the labyrinth of online retailing.

We love supporting small and independent, both professionally and personally. Indeed, all of the lovely packaging we use for our Lucky Dips is sourced from independent businesses (and the bookmarks are handmade by Helen), as well as some of our general packaging. Our lovely seed paper flowers are by a little company called Ruby & Bo, who make gorgeous little seed paper creations. Watch out for next month's Lucky Dips, which have a special festive seed paper goodie!

Sometimes independent or handmade equates to more expensive; and I am aware of this. However, sometimes, it is worth that little extra cost, for the support, for the time, effort, passion, these people put in. That's the thing with small businesses and makers and artists - they have the passion. They are PERSONAL. If you follow them on social media for instance, you are likely to see that they are more than just a business.

Every purchase counts.

It really isn't a cliche to say that every time somebody buys something from a small business they do a happy dance. It is truth.

So, to summarise, we are fully supporting Just a Card and Indie Week. Over on our social media we will be taking part in their Indie Week prompts, talking about our own business and sharing other small businesses that we love.

I have recently added a button to our website homepage as well, showing our support for the cause, and allowing you to click on the link for further information on the campaign. Whose joining me in shopping small this Christmas?

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