Little Bird's Rewards

We wanted to thank our customers by giving a little something back, and so Little Bird's Rewards were born. 

Ways to Earn

  • Placing an order: Earn 5 Points for every £1 Spent (excluding postage) - For example, a £20 spend will earn you 100 Points

  • Celebrate a Birthday (Yay!): Earn 200 Points - Please note, this does mean inputting your date of birth upon registration, though this is kept private, don't worry!

  • Give us a Follow on Instagram: Earn 50 Points

  • Give us a Like on Facebook: Earn 50 Points

  • Spreading the love by sharing the website on Facebook: Earn 50 Points

To Redeem

200 points = £1


For every 200 points you accrue, you will receive £1 discount off your entire order.