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We are a family run bookshop currently operating online from the small West Yorkshire town of Castleford.

Whilst we work on bringing our dreams to life, we are focusing on bringing our passion for literature online, allowing you to browse and buy books without leaving your house. Our aim is to incorporate traditional bookshop vibes, with something slightly new and different. 


Little Bird Library started with a lifelong passion for books, and a dream. A dream to open a cute, quirky, yet still quite quaint book shop. A dream to share a love of books with others. There is undoubtedly a certain charm and romance to second hand books. Each one tells its own little story about its relationship with its previous owner/s.

Our vision is a place crammed with books. Preloved books and new books. A place of comfort. A place of both solitude and community. An inclusive place where everyone is welcome, a safe space. A place where you can come and relax and read, surrounded by literature, old and new. A place you can buy or borrow books, 'trial before you buy'. With coffee and tea. And of course, cake. Other than books, our main priority is the customer and their satisfaction.


And in this crazy modern world, we know more and more people are seeking a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle (the Little Bird Library crew included!). We want a huge selection of second hand stock. But, of course, no book shop is complete without shiny new books, too. So we plan on also having a lovely stock of these, alongside our preloved ones, giving you more choice.


One of Little Bird Library’s aims is a sense of community. We are aware that people want to feel valued and connected to their local, independent businesses. This is why we aim to have customers at the heart of what we do - listen to their wants and needs to provide them with exactly what they want.

We update our onlne stock often, so do make sure you check back if you can't quite find what you are looking for! Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information.

Opening Hours

All day everyday, except when we open a shop, then we might need to sleep.


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"Thank you for my fab delivery today.

Love the reused packaging and the personal note, very happy with my first order."

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